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Trinity Road Detours:
Traffic traveling westbound should use the following detour: take Blue Ridge Road to Wade Ave, turn left onto Wade Ave westbound ramp, continue on Wade Ave to Edwards Mill Road, turn left onto Edwards Mill Road, continue on Edwards Mill Road to Trinity Road.

Traffic traveling eastbound should use the following detour: take Edwards Mill Road to Wade Ave, turn right onto Wade Ave eastbound ramp, continue on Wade Ave to Blue Ridge Road, turn right onto Blue Ridge Road, continue on Blue Ridge Road to Trinity Road.

Detour Map

(magenta line is construction; green & blue lines are detour)


Martie Healy


Sandy Donovan


Liselotte Fore (S)
Cheryl Holekamp (S)
Jan Jacobson (R)
Janine Malone (R)
Lisa Cox (R)
Katie Poag (r)

Cindy DePorter (R)

Adult Teams

Put Together your Team and Come on Down!


Adult Team Entry

Dressage Divisions

Intro,Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth, PSG, I-1, I-2, GP
Open, AA, Jr/YR Champions & Reserve Special Ribbons & Champion Prize

No Extra Fee!

Intro thru First Levels - ride 2 tests Sat and 1 Sun - at the level, low score dropped.
2nd thru FEI Levels - ride 1 regular test each day - at the level, no dropped scores
All USEF levels must ride the 2 highest tests of the level to be eligible with the highest test being ridden on Sunday.
Your two scores (at the level) are averaged to find Division Score for Champion and Reserve.
Shequin & Robin Brueckmann show off their charm!
									<br>Photo by HighTime Photography

NCDCTA Charms!

Become Carolina's Top Charmer!
Every 70% + score at the 4 NCDCTA shows earns a Charm!
Capital Dressage Classic ~ Labor of Love ~ Harvest Moon (BLMs) ~ Autumn Leaves (Champs)

The Fine Print...
Odd-scoring tests don't count (MFS, YH, Eq, Materiale, etc.). Bring test to show office - receive charm. Charms available at the next show if you forget. PRIZE for the Top Charmer at each show - bring ALL your charms to the office - rider with the most charms WINS!

NCDCTA Junior Scholarships

Each scholarship will cover the cost of four classes, and one stall.

Deadline for Capital Dressage Classic Scholarship Application is April 9, 2018

Email for Application

Special Awards & Prizes

$1500 PLUS Sunday
$$$$$$Sweepstakes Classes

Jovee Farm Ponies Adult & Junior Pony Champions

National Pony Dressage Cup

Enterprise Farm AQHA High Score

Jessica Palmer Memorial Award

Competitor Hospitality

FREE Coffee and Breakfast Snacks Each Day in Breakfast Buggy

Friday Night - Wine & Cheese

Saturday Night - Happy Hour
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