2018 NCDCTA Dressage Championships
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NCDCTA Dressage Championships Rules

Horse/rider teams qualify by riding in NCDCTA recognized competitions.

Prize money and neck sashes for Champions and Reserve Champions. To receive prize money, the Championship Average Score must meet the HOY point minimum: 60% Intro through 1st Level; 58% 2nd Level through 4th Level; 55% FEI Levels. Prize Money will be awarded in the Show Office directly following the Awards Ceremony to the Owner of Record. Ribbons awarded Third through Eighth (3rd - 8th) in all Divisions. Champion Prize awarded for each Division. Special sponsored awards may be added at the discretion of the show manager.

Qualifying Rules:
  1. A horse/rider team qualifies as a team, and only the same team may compete in any given Division at the Championships.
  2. The rider must be a current member of NCDCTA and the horse must be currently NCDCTA registered at the time of qualification.
  3. To qualify, the horse/rider team must have earned at least one (1) NCDCTA HOY point in the Division they wish to participate within the Qualifying Period.
  4. All classes at NCDCTA recognized shows that count towards NCDCTA HOY points are qualifying NCDCTA Dressage Championship Classes - including Opportunity classes.
  5. The Qualifying Period shall start on the first day of the NCDCTA HOY Year and end the second (2nd) Monday before the Championship show begins.
  6. Competitors qualifying for the Championships on the final weekend of the Qualifying Period must submit a copy of their qualifying test to the Championship Show Secretary no later than 5pm on the final Monday of the Qualifying Period.
  7. Competitions may not charge extra fees for qualifying rides.
  8. Winning horse/rider teams at the Championships will be ineligible to win in the same Division in succeeding years, except for FEI and Musical Freestyles. However, past winners may earn special 'Honorable Mention' ribbons if they win their Division again.

Rules Governing the Championships:
  1. Readers and whips are allowed in Championship Classes.
  2. No horse/rider team may ride Hors de Concours in a Championship class.
  3. Competitors may enter the Championships in anticipation of qualifying, but if the horse/rider team has not qualified by the end of the Qualifying Period, they shall be placed in corresponding non-championship classes.
  4. Qualification for the Championships shall be solely determined by NCDCTA membership database. A list of those qualified shall be published on the internet both on the Championship show website and on the NCDCTA website.
  5. All complete qualified entries received on or before the closing date of the designated Championship show must be accepted.
  6. A horse/rider team may qualify at more than one level and all qualified horse/rider teams are permitted to compete in the Championships in consecutive qualified levels.
  7. A horse may only compete in one Division per level. A horse may be entered in another level in the same or a different Division.
  8. A horse may compete in the Championships with more than one rider providing that all qualifying requirements have been met by all horse/rider teams.
  9. Membership Requirements for NCDCTA Dressage Championships participation
    (excluding the Intro Divisions - only NCDCTA membership for the rider and HOY registration for the horse is required for the Intro Divisions):
    1. Riders/Owners: NCDCTA members USDF members (GMO membership through NCDCTA) USEF member - or pay n/m fee
    2. Adult Amateur Riders: USEF AA membership
    3. Horse: NCDCTA registered USDF registered
    4. Trainer: USEF membership or pay n/m fee
  10. Levels offered at the Championships: Intro, Training, First, Second, Third, Fourth, FEI PSG, FEI I-1, FEI I-2, FEI GP, JR/YR FEI, USDF Musical Freestyles, FEI Musical Freestyles.
  11. Divisions offered at the Championships: Intro: JR/YR and Senior; MFS Levels: one Division for each MFS Level; at FEI levels Jr/Yrs will have one Division, all other FEI levels: Adult Amateur and Open Divisions; at all National Levels: Jr/YR, Adult Amateur and Open Divisions.
  12. Adult Amateur status shall be determined according to USEF rules.
  13. Tests to be ridden at the Championships: Two (2) designated Championships Classes - one per day at each Level.
  14. Championship Scoring: The two Championship Classes must be entered and ridden at a level to qualify for awards. Winners at each level and division will be determined by averaging the percentage scores from each of the two rides. In the case of a tie, the winner is determined by the highest scoring second ride.
  15. If possible, 50% of the hired judges for the Championship competition should reside outside of North Carolina and preference for judging the Championship Classes should be given to those judges residing outside of North Carolina.
  16. The Championship competition is to be held within North Carolina only and at a NCDCTA licensed dressage competition.
  17. The Show will be licensed by USEF as a Level 2 Competition and run in accordance with all applicable USEF rules for a Level 2 Competition as set forth in the USEF Rule Book. In addition, the Show shall be run in accordance with all applicable rules of the NCDCTA Dressage Championships as set forth herein.
  18. A Mounted Awards Ceremony for Champions and Reserves in each Division will be held on the last day of competition. Saddlery for awards ceremonies should follow USEF rules, but black or white polo wraps are permitted. Horses should receive their ribbons prior to the ceremony. Any competitor may decline to be mounted or, if mounted, to participate in the victory round, for safety reasons, however the competitor must still appear properly attired for the ceremony. The Manager is responsible for the safe conduct of the awards. Safety is paramount. Any horse that the Manager deems unsafe should be excused in accordance with DR 123.10. In the event of inclement weather, awards ceremonies may be held unmounted and inside.
  19. The Rules governing the NCDCTA Championships may be amended by the NCDCTA Competition Committee at their discretion.