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Handler Clinic

Handler Clinic

Breed Classes are not just for breeders and their super-cute babies. There are AA/Jr Handler classes - any breed, any age. There are IBCs -- Individual Breed Classes - if your horse is registered with its breed association, there is an IBC for you! And, if you ride a pony - there is the Jovee Pony In-Hand Class - which will qualify you for the Jovee Pony Breed Championships and the Jovee Pony Best Over-All Pony Award!

Bruce Griffin III Breed Class Mini-Clinic 5pm Friday at Made In The Shade at the Carolina Horse Park August 12th

Learn all you need to show-off your wonderful horse/pony! Everyone will get to run the triangle! The Mini-Clinic will be open to all Made In The Shade competitors and you can sign up for a Breed Class at the conclusion of the clinic (or earlier!).

Only $25/participant

Deadline for Clinic Sign-Ups is 5pm, Thursday, Aug 11th.

Clinic Sign-Up

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Win Best Over-All Pony!

IBC - Individual Breed Classes
Your horse/pony must be registered with his breed association.
Horse must have USDF HID
Handler must have USEF membership
Owner must have USEF & USDF membership

AA Jr/YR Handler Classes
Any horse/pony!
Handler must be AA or Jr/YR
Handler must have USEF membership
Horse/Pony must have USDF HID
Owner must have USEF & USDF membership

Jove Pony Farm Pony Breed Class
Pony must have current membership card
or have been measured at the show.
Handler must have USEF membership
Pony must have USDF HID
Owner must have USEF & USDF membership
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